It's baby season at Monkey Forest

19 May 2015

Trentham Monkey Forest are happy to announce the arrival of 5 bouncy bundles of joy. The baby season is in full swing and the forest are anticipating more births very soon.

This year is set to be very exciting as Monkey Forest are hoping for 10 babies, which ties in brilliantly as they celebrate their 10th anniversary this year.


The 5 new additions have had everyone in awe as they watch their first few precious days in the forest. The babies are born at night in the trees, so feeding time is extremely exciting as the team look in hope for new arrivals each morning. Weighing only as much as a bag of sugar (600g), the baby monkeys cling to their mother's tummy to enjoy comfort, food and warmth. When they are born, they have black fur, distinctively large ears, and a very pink face.

"With only an estimated 8,000 Barbary macaques left in the wild, the babies are a valuable addition to the endangered species", commented Primatologist and Monkey Forest Director Sue Wiper. "The Possibility that we may have 10 babies in time for our 10th anniversary celebrations is fantastic."

The team guarantee that a trip to the Monkey Forest will provide you with hours of entertainment as you get a glimpse of the new and very cute baby monkeys. Plus, stay up to date via the Trentham Monkey Forest Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest baby news and updates on the 10th Birthday Fun Day in July, as well as multiple baby pictures.

***Warning - they may break the cute-o-meter! ***


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