Moroccan Monkey Miles Challenge

02 Jul 2015

Trentham Monkey Forest are celebrating 10 years and want to do something extra special to help the endangered Barbary macaques living in the wild by ‘walking to Morocco and back’.

It is 1,770 miles from Trentham to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where Barbary macaques can be found in the wild. The staff and visitors of Monkey Forest are going to cover the distance within the forest to complete the Moroccan Monkey Miles Challenge. 

Conservation Week runs from the 6th to the 12th of July which means they have 7 days to complete the 3,540 miles. Members of staff will wear a step-o-meter each day to record how many ‘miles to Morocco’ they have walked. Visitors will also add to this total with their 1 mile trip around the forest being counted. For every mile walked Monkey Forest will be donating 50p, as well as 50p of each entrance ticket to organisations working with the endangered Barbary macaque in Morocco and Algeria. Visitors will also get to learn about the brilliant work each organisation does and decide where they want their donation to go.

‘There are estimated to be less than 8,000 Barbary macaques surviving in the wild today’ commented Susan Wiper, Director Trentham Monkey Forest.  ‘Adding the element of ‘walking to Morocco and back’ enables us to inform everyone about their conservation in a way that everyone can contribute and get involved.’

The team will be documenting their process on a daily basis, so make sure you keep your eyes on their Facebook page to see just how close they are to their goal. Plus, if you visit Monkey Forest during this time you could be helping contribute to a brilliant cause by helping this endangered species on this special 10th year Moroccan Monkey Miles Challenge.

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